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We are a horizontal directional boring company providing all types of boring for utilities though we specialize in the extreme extraordinary bores.

Directional drilling or horizontal boring is often referred to as a "trenchless technology" utilizing special machines that install underground conduit with virtually no impact to the surface area, disruption to traffic flow, landscaping or structures.

Some of the more frequent projects we do are:

  • Natural Gas Bores
  • Controlled Access Bores (gate systems)
  • Road & Highway bores
  • Irrigation System Boring
  • Landscape drainage bores
  • Horizontal Environmental Extraction Wells
  • On Grade Sewer & Water bores
  • Railroad crossings
  • Power and Communication bores
  • Pond, canal or creek crossings
  • Horizontal Soil Testing for Auger Bore
  • Companies
  • Commercial Parking Lots. (Street lights to assist in replacement of damaged wires)
  • Boring under highways for the Department of Transportation, traffic camera wires & traffic signal wires.